Pipeline at Victory Gardens Theater During Black Beauty Festival

February 12, 2019


It’s Black history month and although I spend every month celebrating my history this is the first time I’ve been out and about celebrating as a blogger. I was honored to be invited as a media guest and one of the representatives of Black Bloggers Chicago to see what to me was an absolutely amazing play entitled Pipeline during the Black Beauty Festival at Victory Gardens.



I entered Victory Gardens Theater welcomed graciously by staff and other friendly guests.  Black Beauty Festival was going strong as there were many vendors displayed with amazing products.


Black Beauty Festival lasts a few days and it features black business owners and performers.  It is a partnership between Victory Gardens Theatre and the popular Black Women's Expo










You know how you build something up in your head so much that when you experience it it is not what you expected? Well this was not the case. My excitement for going to see this play was met with pure joy, amazement and frankly proudness as the play ended. Without giving away too much, Pipeline brought a familiarity and relatable feeling as both senses of private and public school issues (which I am a product of both) were raised.


"Pipeline explores a powerful and important conversation about parenthood, the state of the public school system and the prison pipeline that claims so many of our inner city youth" Chey Chew (Artistic Director). 


The play was written for a Chicago audience by a Detroit native, Dominique Morisseau.  We were presented with stellar acting from experienced actors whose works have been seen in popular shows such as The Chi, Chicago Med, Sirens, Empire and I could go on and on.  Tyla Abercrumbie who plays the mom Nya, brings you in and had my emotions all over as I felt I was walking the path of parenting with her.


After the play, a wonderful discussion was had about the topics that were presented in the play and how they relate to the city of Chicago and our personal stories.  People mentioned how it was one of the best plays they had ever seen and how it would be so important for Pipeline to be included in lesson plans at local schools.  The discussion was led by the founder of The Black Women's Expo, Merry Green.


In the end, I felt honored to have the opportunity to see this wonderful play and meet new blogger friends.  I also learned so much and am looking forward to taking my daughter to see Pipeline.


Pipeline will be shown through March 3, 2019.  I highly recommend this play.  To purchase tickets visit Victory Gardens Theater website.  Bring a friend or take your class!


Let me know if you attend!






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