A Day in the Life of a Work at Home Mom of 4

February 19, 2018

The top question I'm asked is how do I manage a business and babies all day.  Well my answer is time management but I'm not saying I have any lol.  I really need to work on this but like many things it is a journey.  Here is a glimpse into a day in my life.  Nothing is ever the same two days in a row and nothing is ever perfect but I love it!


Today is Wednesday, February 14.  I have specific goals and things I need to get done for each day.  Todays List:


Finish washing grownup clothes

Work Consultations

Purchase work supplies




The twins are up talking to each other and my alarm has just awakened me.  I am lying in the bed asking God to give me strength to get up and to make this day a great day (this quick prayer I believe is what gets me through every day...well that and my coffee). I say a quick hi to the babies, get dressed and head downstairs to wake up Jada.


6:50am - 7:00am

I warm the twins bottles and change them and they are ready to eat.  I've told Jada to hurry up in the bathroom about 3 times already but... ya know...  I turn on GMA while the twins are eating and I prepare coffee for Jay and I.  Carter awakens, I dress him and he then runs upstairs to keep Jay company while he is getting ready for work.



Twins are finished eating and are playing.  Jay has left for work and Jada is putting up the dishes and getting ready to feed and take Jax out.  Carter is begging me for a yogurt and I give in so now he is eating and watching his tablet.  A few minutes to myself.  I reheat my coffee for the second time and sit and enjoy it.  Jada leaves for school with her friend and her friends mom at 7:45am.  It is here that I anxiously wait by the phone for her to call me to let me know she got there safely (the school is literally on the corner but I'm still so nervous everyday).



Jada calls me and tells me she's in the school.  The twins are whining which means it is time for their morning nap.  I rock them to sleep and put them in their pack n play.  Carter is still eating his yogurt.  I sit and begin replying to emails and social media messages.  I also plan my first instagram post for Christa Alyse Designs.


8:30am - 9am

Carter plays in the playroom. I start writing a blog post for The Williams Party.  Jackson awakens.  He's a very light sleeper.  I put him on his boppy and he watches me as I continue to write a few more minutes.  I prepare oatmeal for Carter and he is now eating.  I then look in the refrigerator for anything to put in my mouth so I will not pass out (I need to work on my meal prepping).  I realize Kelly and Ryan is on and quickly turn the channel.



I begin to make a list of supplies I need for orders I need to begin next week.  I then order everything online.  I make another list for supplies I need for tonight for when I go to Michaels.  Carter, Jackson and I head upstairs while Jameson sleeps.  Carter plays, Jackson watches pocoyo while I clean my room and separate clothes for laundry.



I turn on the view.  Jameson is now awake and we all watch the view while we call grandma during commercials.  I prepare a huge batch of formula and fill separate bottles; enough to last through tomorrow morning.  I also warm bottles for their 11am feeding.  After the twins eat they play for a bit on the floor.




The twins are down for their afternoon nap.  Carter and I practice numbers and he then continues with numbers on his tablet.  I prepare hotdogs and grapes for lunch (Carter is really into hotdogs lately).  We eat lunch and then Carter takes a nap.



I send out estimates and invoices as needed for today.  I finish writing a blog post and spend way too much time editing.  I then clean the kitchen and plop on the couch to catch up on some shows. Todays shows are Celebrity Big Brother and Married to Medicine.



The twins awaken from their nap and I change them and warm their bottles.  they eat at 3pm and Carter awakens soon after.



We begin to put our coats and winter wear on to pick up Jada as she has her after school math program on Wednesdays.  I start with the twins and put their coats on.  I then put Carters coat on and argue with him to wear his hat.  He finally puts it on.  I then put my coat on.  The doorbell rings at the perfect time (insert sarcasm) and it's amazon prime (so all is ok).  I quickly hide the package, scoop up the twins and we head to the garage.  This is the hardest part of my day.  Getting 3 kids in carseats is a workout and I hate working out.  After everyone is strapped in, we pick up Jada and head to target.



After our target run, I'm pretty calm and refreshed and we are home.  I put the twins down as they are sleeping and Jada and I talk about school while Carter is playing.  I begin to prepare dinner and   we all take a little quiet time until it is time for Jada to do her afternoon chores and Jay is home (yay!!).





I call this Jay's shift as I completely hand off the kids to him and prepare to go to my work consultations.  Here I meet with clients at a local coffee shop.  Today I met with 2.  I then go to Michaels with my supplies list I made earlier.



I arrive home.  All kids are sleeping.  Jay and I watch Black Lightening together and chat about our day and then I do some designing on the computer.  By 11pm I am in the bed preparing for the next day which is by watching a few episodes of the office as I drift to sleep.

A few tips to help you through your day:

• Before you go anywhere make sure all the kids are fed to the point of fullness

• Pick your battles.  Should you really argue about yogurt first thing in the morning with a toddler? This will ruin the rest of your day.

• Make a time for quiet for everyone.


My day It isn't bad at all plus these sweet faces make everything great!  What is your day to day routine like?  Do you feel you have complete control or are you on autopilot like I am?





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