Friday Night Cocktails: Caramel Apple Mimosa

October 16, 2017

This cocktail is approved for a Sunday brunch hint the mimosa but it is also great for a Friday girls night especially in the fall.


I decided to make this delicious drink when I ran across this video from delish.

 Looks yummy!  Well I made it!

I used prosecco and I also used kissed caramel vodka instead of the salted caramel vodka!  When I say this tasted just like a caramel apple; I mean it!  This is my new favorite mimosa.



The video explains well how to make but if you need written directions, here is how!




Sugary Rim:

Melted Caramel




1 ounce salted caramel vodka (I used smirnoff kissed caramel vodka)

2 ounces apple cider

1.5 ounces champagne or bubbly (I used prosecco)


For the rim, pour your melted caramel (caramel should be warm) and sugar on separate plates and dip the top of your glass in the caramel first then the sugar.  Simple!


For the mimosa, pour the flavored vodka in your class, then add the apple cider and top with your bubbly!  I like to add a little more vodka for that extra "flavor".  DELICIOUS!


Try it out and let me know what you think.


Happy drinking!




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