The Twins are 2 Months

September 7, 2017

Time is flying by!  I can't believe the twins are 2 months.  They have been in the NICU for 60 days and it honestly does not feel like it.  Our time in the NICU is quickly coming to an end with little drama which is why my weakly updates have slowed down.  The boys are 36 weeks gestational which means I still would have been pregnant with another 4 weeks to full term.  OMG!  I cannot imagine.


Jackson, if you do not remember was born first and was the one who broke my water.  He also was the one who began having all the issues that caused me to have a breakdown (read about it here). He is now doing so much better.  They took the nose cannula off of him last week without weaning him because it was barely in his nose most of the time as he kept taking it off himself.  He soon began to desat (decrease in the amount of oxygen in babys red blood cells) and brady (slow heart rate) more than usual which showed the doc that he wasn't quite ready.  So now they will begin to wean him after his 2 months vaccinations.


Jackson has come a long way and has shown me that he is a lot like his big brother; very independent.


Jameson has been along for the ride ever since his brother decided to join this crazy world.  He's been chillin' and doing everything he is told lol.  He is a pro at the bottle and the breast and he loves to cuddle.  He loves it so much that he grunts whenever we place him back in his crib.


Although Jameson looks like his big brother, he reminds me of his sister and Dad; super sweet and gentle except when hungry.



I am still in shock that I have twins but feel super blessed that God chose me to be their mom.  I cannot wait until they come home but I am not rushing the process at all.


Do you have twins?  Have they spent time in the NICU? Let me know in the comments.


Happy Twinning!






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