26 Week Pregnancy Update

This week has been quite dramatic for me concerning my pregnancy.  It's something when your worries begin to unfold and you find yourself right in the midst of your fears.  This week I've been sent back to the doctors a couple of times due to my blood pressure being high.  What we've been watching for seems as if it is slowly creeping up... Preeclampsia.  Although we have not fully gotten to that stage yet, the signs have been playing with my emotions and I am constantly trying to find ways to calm my nerves.


This has put many blocks on future plans.  Plans that I should be excited about like baby showers and gender reveals but I am more focused on just getting all three of us through this pregnancy first.  I am excited about the idea of sharing with family and friends the gender of these blessings but as we keep setting dates and getting closer to these dates something happens where we need to postpone.  So I am now thinking to do something more simple and stress free and we'll worry about celebrating the twins once they get here.


Now on to the fun part.


How I'm feeling physically:

I'm pretty tired and that's because I'm super anemic.  I recently had my labs done and apparently my iron levels were really low.  Easy fix!  I'm just on a ton of pills lol. I had noticed earlier that when I have a busy day outside of the house that it takes an entire day to recover.  This has not changed.  It actually has gotten worse.  The other day the family and I were out looking at schools for my son and running errands and I found that the next day I could barely keep my eyes open let alone get out of the bed.  So glad that today was so much better.


Food Cravings:

I do not really have any cravings

Food Aversions:

Yes!  I cannot stand to look at an avocado which is hard because I normally love them.  As always pizza and anything Italian really gives me major heartburn and indigestion.



I feel tons of movement.  Mainly after I eat or drink and at night; the most inconvenient time of the night when I'm in that deep sleep and one or both decide it's river dance time.  My favorite is when my bladder is full and they decide they want to start practicing their soccer moves.


My sentiments exactly Titus... but I wouldn't trade it for anything.



As mentioned before, my worry is at an all time high.  This week I had to return to the doctors a couple of times to monitor my blood pressure and to make sure I do not have preeclampsia.  My blood pressure has been above the doctors cut off but thankfully I have no other signs of preeclampsia such as headaches, floaters in my vision or liver pain so for now I am at home resting and monitoring my pressure which for me is checking it about 60 times a day.


There is also the constant worry of the unknown.  Like when they are going to come or how they are going to come and what the heck am I going to do when they come.


How I'm preparing for twins:

Simple.  I'm getting organized.  Starting with my current children.  I am getting them on a new schedule and sticking to that schedule.  We still have not purchased anything for the twins, I just haven't had that itch yet so for now we are working on sleeping arrangements as I do not want to give up my office which is technically our fourth bedroom (I'm such an awesome mom lol).  My son and daughter will share a room and the twins will share a room and I am so excited to decorate!


Are you having twins or have you had twins?  I'd love to hear your stories!  Email me or comment below.


Happy Twinning,




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