• Christa Carter-Williams

DIY Floating Book Shelves

Hey Y'all,

How are we doing during this social distancing movement? I find that my mind wonders into doing anything and everything concerning crafting and DIY being more focused on getting my house together. In my boredom, I stumbled upon some amazing bookshelves from some remarkably design detailed mommas and knew that I had to have them. Check these mommas out!

So I began to search amazon and although they had great shelving options, the shipping times were not to my liking. Oh how I miss the 2 day delivery but I definitely understand and know that essential items are priority. So I dove in full research mode and found the best video for these floating shelves by Elizabeth of Cotton and Curls.

These plans were perfect and we just modified them a little to fit our needs (our shelves are 6 ft.) Check out our progress.

and the finished product a little decorated with bunnies for Easter and of course Instagram worthy lighting...

Can’t forget to show how much the boys loved them!

Head on over to Cotton and Curls and checkout her video/plans. I cannot wait to do more DIY. I hope you guys follow along.

If you aren't a DIYer, you can always purchase these shelves from amazon. I have a few options in my amazon shop HERE.

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